Making reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ

Bible Studies (Page 2)

A Disciple’s Choice 3/1

A federal judge ruled last Friday that the law requiring men — but not women — to register for a U.S. military draft is unconstitutional. Thankfully drafting people into military service hasn’t been necessary since 1973. Our current military is filled with those who serve our nation voluntarily. Similarly, though our Lord calls every one of us to be His witnesses, He does not force any one to serve Him.

Serving Christ with Expectation 2/22

My children and I have something fun planned for this afternoon. All day long they have been stopping by my office to ask, “When are we going?” Until 3:00pm roles around, they need to keep doing their school work! God’s grace promises a wonderful future for us! Our hearts long for the day when Christ will usher in the next phase of His glorious kingdom bringing an end to suffering and sin.

Pathway to Joy 1/25

Every human being wants to be happy. We make choices and pursue life trajectories that promise the most happiness. No one pursues intentional emptiness, emotional distress, and sadness. Trials and struggles in life present real obstacles to joy! In order to maintain joy, the source of your joy must be more robust and capable than your troubles.

The Reward of Putting God First 1/18

Whether you realize it or not, you are an investor. So far God has given you life and allowed you to round the corner into another year. How will you invest this year of your life? The world preaches that self-centered living will be the best investment. Spend your time soaking up ease. Spend your life working feverishly to build your kingdom. God’s Word promises the exact opposite.

Walking on High Places in 2019

Once again we find ourselves just hours away from a new year. From this vantage point we can look back once again and see that our heavenly Father was faithful and gracious to us once again! We shouldn’t be shocked. Our observation of His actions will always be the same because He never will never change. From this position we also look forward to a new year. A year of unknown blessings and unknown trials.

Rejoice in the Light of Christ! 12/21

It doesn’t take much to recognize that our world is broken and seemingly shrouded in darkness. This is not God’s intended design for our world or for us! He created light to shine in the darkness (Genesis 1:3). He made all things perfect and very good (Genesis 1:31). Man’s sin plunged this world into darkness, yet God’s love sent His Son Jesus Christ into this dark world to shine the light of hope for all men! (John 1:4-5).