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Refresh Conference 2018

I was recently watching an auto auction where a bidder purchased a car that he thought would make him money.  He failed to notice that the car frame was almost completely rusted out.  His only option was to sell it at a loss to the scrap yard.  Decay is a fundamental reality in our fallen world.  Decay affects every aspect of life.  Even parked cars can rust out.  I’m sure you’ve noticed how much work it takes just to keep things maintained!  Forward progress in both the physical and spiritual realms demands incredible effort and energy.  The Holy Spirit is keenly aware of our natural propensity to sin (Galatians 5:16-21).  Even after salvation we naturally revert to walking in the flesh and sin.  Cut off from the Word of God it wont’ be long before you are spiritually powerless and a slave to sin! Thankfully the power of the Spirit who lives in us is infinitely stronger than the flesh.  Spiritual renewal is required to grow in the Lord.