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The Lord is Faithful to His Own – Revelation 7:1-17

Dear River Reach Family,

And I saw another angel ascending from the rising of the sun, having the seal of the living God; and he cried out with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea, 3 saying, “Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees until we have sealed the bond-servants of our God on their foreheads.”

Revelation 7:2-3

There are times when it feels as if the Lord has forgotten His own people. When the pain of trial is severe and the suffering is significant, our flesh tells us that God has forsaken us. In Revelation 6 we saw Jesus Christ begin to unleash the divine judgment of God on all who dwell on the earth (Rev. 6:1ff). At the beginning of the Tribulation, only unbelievers will be left on this earth (Rev. 3:10), but even among those who have hardened their hearts toward God to that point, the Lord mercifully plans to save a massive number of sinners by His grace! (Rev. 6:9-11) Does the Lord distinguish between the earth dwellers and His own people? Does the Lord remember His people in times of suffering and tribulation? What is the Lord’s plan for His own? In Revelation 7, the Lord portrays His mercy toward His own even when they may feel like life is difficult. From the Lord’s future promised faithfulness to His own we can take encouragement in His loving and merciful care for us today. Though your flesh and your heart may be failing, your hope as God’s child in His faithfulness to you need never fail! (Psalm 73:25-28)

Sermon: “The Lord is Faithful to His Own” – Revelation 7:1-17

Prayer Requests:

  • Believers in Afghanistan and Haiti who may be suffering
  • The Lord’s gracious relief from Covid
  • Susan’s health and Bob’s strength to help
  • God’s grace to help us fulfill our mission to make reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Opportunities to share Christ in these uncertain times
  • Spiritual growth and strength for each one in our church
  • Our missionaries to be encouraged in the Lord
  • Our nation to repent and turn to God
  • Someone that the Lord can use you to lead to Christ
  • Someone that the Lord can use you to lead to follow Christ

Blessed to be your Pastor!
Matthew Rowley


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