Making reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ

Sincere Christian Living – Revelation 3:1-6

Dear River Reach Family,

“To the angel of the church in Sardis write:

He who has the seven Spirits of God and the seven stars, says this: ‘I know your deeds, that you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead. 2 ‘Wake up, and strengthen the things that remain, which were about to die; for I have not found your deeds completed in the sight of My God. 

Revelation 3:1-2

Recently my wife found a set of Legos on that appeared to be a perfect fit for an upcoming birthday in our family. She was so excited about the deal that she shared her win with me that evening. A few days later when the box arrived at our door she secretly whisked the box away to open it in private. A few moments later she walked into my office with a disappointed look. It was a set of “legos”, but it wasn’t name brand Legos®. Her great deal and excitement quickly plummeted to below average. Online shoppers must be astute to see beyond casual appearance to determine the true quality of the product for sale. Christians are susceptible to adopting the same false advertising when it comes to their Christian walk. It doesn’t take long for the pressure of pride and appearances to sweep us into hypocritical living. While we may be able to fool everyone around us we never fool our Lord. He sees and knows all! In Revelation 3:1-6, Jesus confronts the hypocritical church in Sardis. The true grace of God empowers genuine Christian living.

Sermon: “Promote Holiness not Fleshliness” – Revelation 2:12-17

Memorial Day Picnic @ the Rowley’s!

Jen and I would like to invite everyone to join us for a Memorial Day picnic at our home beginning around 5:00pm on Monday! We look forward to a fun time of fellowship and food with you. We plan to grill out hamburgers and hot dogs, enjoy other delicious sides and desserts. You are welcome to stay for as long or as short as you would like! We will have outdoor games available for those interested in being active.

Prayer Requests:

  • Susan’s health
  • Fellow believers to be able to return to join us in person.
  • God’s grace to help us fulfill our mission to make reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Opportunities to share Christ in these uncertain times
  • Spiritual growth and strength for each one in our church
  • Our missionaries to be encouraged in the Lord
  • Our nation to repent and turn to God
  • Someone that the Lord can use you to lead to Christ
  • Someone that the Lord can use you to lead to follow Christ

Blessed to be your Pastor!
Matthew Rowley


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