Making reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ

Taking Time to Change

Discipleship is more than just a buzzword. It’s every earnest Christian’s ambition, both for himself and for others. But where do you begin, and how do you proceed in the vital process of Christian growth? And especially, how do you overcome deeply ingrained habits that seem to stifle any spiritual progress? Changed Into His Image is a chart and compass that will heartily encourage Christians with its effectiveness, and pleasantly surprise them with its simplicity. Dealing with such topics as learning to exercise self-restraint, recognizing reality, walking in wisdom, and setting a godly example, Changed Into His Image has been the key for thousands of believers to unlock the mysteries of overcoming sin and fruitful living.

God’s Word has the answers to our problems.  The focus of this small group study time will be on how to understand three critical elements to experience true Biblical change

  1. Restraining your flesh
  2. Renewing your mind
  3. Reflecting your Lord

The Speaker: Dr. Jim Berg

For over 25 years Jim Berg served as the dean of students at Bob Jones University.  He has taught thousands of seminars on leadership development and biblical counseling and has authored several books on spiritual growth and biblical counseling.  His real world interaction counseling college students provides deep insight into the heart of man and the power of God’s Word to transform lives.


Each Sunday evening at 6:00 we will begin by hearing from Jim Berg in a 35-40 minute segment as he teaches us God’s Word.  We will then take the remainder of the time to discuss the content and make practical applications for our own spiritual growth.

How much do you want to grow?

Spiritual growth takes commitment and effort.  How much effort you put in will determine how much blessing and change you will experience (1 Timothy 4:7-8).  This course is adaptable to your level of commitment.

Level 1: Come to the class on Sunday evening at 6:00 and listen to the lectures and participate in the discussion.
Level 2: Read the chapters in the book during the week prior to the class

Changed Into His Image: The on which the lectures will be based.  

Level 3: Also fill in the lecture notes, do the daily assignments, and memorize the verses in the work book.

Taking Time to Change: An interactive study guide with an introduction to each chapter, lecture notes with fill in the blanks, and daily (5 days of the week) personal study questions and assignments that will help you to personalize the biblical truth.

Everyone is invited!  Please register below to help us prepare for a profitable small group study.

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