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Sermon Audio: The Formula for Endless Rejoicing – 1 Thessalonians 5/16

I’m sure we’ve all heard people opine, “I’ve had a bad day!” On significantly less frequent occasions we may even hear someone say, “I’ve had a good day today!” Typically tone of voice and body language match the the corresponding proclamations. Would it be possible for someone to reach the end of every day no matter what happened that day and report from their heart, “The Lord was good to me today?” The shortest verse in the Bible addresses one of the biggest struggles we all face, our attitude in trials. The Lord built into the Christian life a clear indicator of our spiritual health. When we walk by faith we will be empowered to rejoice. When our faith and theological perspective is faulty, we will gripe and complain. Never ending rejoicing is not enabled by wonderful circumstances, but by faith that view’s God’s goodness and sovereignty in everything.