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Depend on God’s Grace

Dear River Reach Family,

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:28

What do you need most today?  This time of year retail stores are trying to convince you that you need their latest products.  Our appetites convince us that we need one more helping.  Our bodies tell us we just need a nap.  The list of perceived needs to produce a success seems to be endless.  We certainly have daily needs!  Jesus taught us to pray for daily bread (Matthew 6:11).  We need a place to stay.  We need clothing.  We need physical and emotional strength.  We need wisdom.  We need money.  If we were to prioritize our needs what would be our greatest need?  We need God’s grace!  Jesus Christ died and rose again for us to open the never ending floodgates of God’s grace to us (2 Corinthians 9:8).  God’s grace to us in Christ Jesus will fully supply all of our needs!

Sunday Sermon: “Depend on God’s Grace – 1 Thessalonians 5:28

“The Walk Class” this Sunday evening @ 6:00pm

Assignment: Complete Chapter 4: “The Christian Home” in The Walk booklet.   Be prepared to discuss what you learned!

Prayer Requests:

  • Susan’s and Zachary’s health
  • Two men in our church at sea serving our nation and their families
  • Someone that the Lord can use you to lead to Christ
  • Someone that the Lord can use you to lead to follow Christ
  • Peace in our nation and around the world
  • Our missionaries as they serve the Lord around the world

Upcoming Events:

  • Sunday 11/24- 9:25am – Sunday Classes (Adult and Children’s classes)
    • 10:30am – Morning Worship: (1 Thessalonians – One Life to a Life for Life)
    • 6:00pm – The Walk Class
  • Wednesday 11/28 – 6:30pm – Wednesday Evening Bible Study
  • Saturday 12/1 – 8:30am Men’s Meeting / Workday

Blessed to be your Pastor!
Matthew Rowley


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