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River Reach News 10/13

It is almost impossible to keep up with how fast our world is changing.  Some of the change is good, but it seems like the advance of ungodliness is accelerating rapidly.  This reality does not come as a shock to Christians who read their Bibles (2 Peter 3:3-4; 2 Timothy 3:1-5).  Should we live in fear?  Should we join the world in living for ourselves?  In the midst of a society very similar to ours, the prophet Isaiah sees a vision of the future that gives us solid hope and challenges us in the present to seek first the kingdom of God.

River Reach News 10/6

No relationship ever stays the same. Relationships are constantly changing because people are constantly changing. Friendships from school, or past employments that once were very close often drift apart due to the separation of distance and time. Our relationship with God is constantly changing not because God changes, but because we are always changing.

River Reach News 9/29

Every sin is destructive.  Sins overlooked lead to devastation, heartbreak, spiritual and emotional injuries, and most significantly, an injured relationship with our loving heavenly Father.  This Sunday morning the Holy Spirit through the prophet Isaiah will paint a dreadful picture of sin and its devastation but also point us to the magnificent hope for sinners!