Reaching Jacksonville with the life-giving message of Jesus

Sermon Series: Walk in the Light of the Lord! – Isaiah 1-6

Come, house of Jacob, and let us walk in the light of the LORD.” Isaiah 2:5

God’s plan for your life is filled with blessings so rich and sweet you cannot fathom them!  The perfection of the world He originally created for us (Genesis 1:31) and the future glory of the future reign of Christ on earth (Isaiah 2:2-4) are glowing signs beckoning us to walk today in the path of His richest blessing (Isaiah 2:5).

If God had His way today, every individual on the face of this earth would right now be basking in incomparable blessing.

It is this heart of love that reaches out to the broken, enslaved, and dejected sinner and calls us from our sin back to God.  This Sunday we will begin a new series in the first 6 chapters of the prophet Isaiah.  I am praying that the pleading call of God from these sacred texts would awaken us from the distraction of our sin and send us running back to the arms of our loving heavenly Father!