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It is Good to Give Thanks to the Lord! 11/22/19

It is easy to let our immediate struggles consume 90-100% of our thoughts. “How am I going to solve this problem?” “Wow this really stinks!” “This is really hindering me from being happy!” True joy in life doesn’t come from physical ease and smooth operating circumstances. True joy comes from meditation on the Lord and His promised loving-kindess and faithfulness to us.

When We Disagree – 11/16/19

The Lord blesses us in this world with friendships, ministry relationships, and fellowship with one another in the body of Christ. We are to treasure these relationships and use them for the glory of our Lord. The relationship between Paul and Barnabas is a tremendous example of God’s rich relationship blessing. Because we are individuals there will be times when we don’t see things the same way.

Qualities of an Effective Servant of the Lord – Acts 14:1-28

Serving the Lord will lead you through a wide variety of experiences with recurring themes of difficulty and triumph through grace. In five of the six cities in which Acts records details of Paul and Barnabas’ witness for Christ on their first missionary journey, they face some kind of major opposition or set back. Amazingly they keep on faithfully serving their Lord!