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When the Government is Against Us 9/6

Governmental authorities wield real power that directly impacts our lives (Acts 12:1-3). While we have been blessed in the United States with religious freedom, it doesn’t take much to imagine that those freedoms will come to an end someday soon. How should we respond to such foreboding danger?

Hurricane Dorian Update: Regular Schedule

I know we have all been watching the development of Hurricane Dorian. Initially it looked like there was a possibility that Jacksonville could take a direct hit. Florida landfall at this point looks to be several days away. Thankfully it looks like we will be able to proceed with our regular schedule this weekend.

Upcoming Events

Acts: My Part In God’s Plan

Join us on Sunday mornings as we study through the second volume of Luke’s “History of Christian Origins”. The Book of Acts records for us life in the church after the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to let God’s Word speak for us and teach us our part in God’s plan.