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River Reach New 3/16

This week I came across an article that reported that six out of 10 millennials experienced a “quarter life crisis.”  Their life pursuits and ambitions were leaving them empty.  They failed to find satisfaction in their lives and really didn’t know where to turn to find the purpose in life.  We’ve all heard of “mid-life crisis”, but I’ve never heard of “quarter life crisis.”  Every human being wants to live a life full of meaning and satisfaction.  As we see ourselves aging rapidly and time flying by, if our pursuit of satisfaction is bound up in the things and pleasures of this life we will certainly be disappointed. 

River Reach News 3/9

This past week I watched a true to life movie based on 1980 takeover of the Iranian Embassy in London by Arab terrorists.  For six days the British government tried to negotiate the release of 25 hostages.  Ultimately the resolution came down to the courage and training of an elite British military unit that had to storm the embassy to save the hostages and bring the terrorists to justice.  The weight of raid rested on one man and his men to do it right while the world watched on television.  The raid was successful saving 23 of the 25 hostages and bringing the terrorists to justice.  Margaret Thatcher publicly congratulated the unit for their bravery and skill.  In 1 Thessalonians 2:4, the Holy Spirit reminds us of the sacred mission God has entrusted to us.  Our crucial mission is to deliver the Gospel to those estranged from God.  Our mission will fail if we fail to share the Gospel.  When serving Christ self-seeking will prevent us from faithfully carrying out our mission.

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Money: Showing Off God’s Goodness through Stewardship

You thought about it today.  You used it.  You spent it.  You may have earned it.  Yes, I’m talking about that thing that is so critical in our lives that it touches almost every aspect of our lives: money.  Does God care about money?  Does He care what you and I do with our wealth?  Though God did not create the dollar, He understands that how we handle money directly reveals His greatest interest, our hearts.  Money reveals what we treasure.  What we treasure reveals the priorities of our hearts (Matthew 6:19-21).  This Sunday I will begin a 6-8 week series on the stewardship of money in our morning service.  Brian and Josh will continue that series the following weeks in our adult Sunday Class.  God’s Word has a lot to say about wealth and how we out to handle it.  I hope you will join us for this new series and learn how to honor the Lord from the heart!

1 Thessalonians: One Life to a Life for Life

We will be studying together through the New Testament epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians on Sunday morning’s.  Jesus Christ is glorified when believers nurture each other in spiritual growth.  1 Thessalonians reveals the heart and actions of a disciple-making believer.  We are praying that God will enable us to develop a vibrant disciple-making culture…